A very special thanks to our friends for the continued support of the park over the last 3 years!

Donations and volunteer work helps us maintain the safety and cleanliness of the park.  Your donation makes the following possible:

  • Bi-weekly Cleaning - annual cost $1,500
    • Pick-up of left behind poop and trash,
    • Dog-friendly cleaning products used to sanitize benches, water fountains, and turf,
    • Weeding
  • Seasonal Cleaning - annual cost $1,000
    • Power-washing of turf, canopies, and concrete walkway (including between cracks where dog hair builds up)
    • Leaf and snow removal
  • Maintenance and Repairs - funds
    • Maintenance Fund: entry/exit gates, fences, canopies, water fountains, water hoses, summer pools, tools, etc. 
    • Tree Fund: removal and replacement
    • Pea Gravel Fund: leveling, replenishment and replacement
    • Turf Fund: eventual repair or replacement of turf rugs

Thank you!